Meditation: one with

This meditation combines two techniques that we have been doing: a) sensing the field of Awareness-Being and b) gratitude.

With a), one experiences that the field already is present just as Awareness was experienced as so. Unto themselves, these are vital recognitions. Awareness is and you are That. Due to the habits of consciousness of human beings, Awareness is experienced through those habits, for example the habit of luminosity or the pattern of consciousness experienced as spacious or expansive. Does Awareness “have” these qualities? One cannot know due to human habits or patterns of consciousness. But, is the answer important? We seek answers, we like quantification/identification/itemization. Why? Because that is another habit of consciousness. The human brain is wired to recognize patterns. As a result, we recognize Awareness through qualities that seem to be attributes of Awareness.

The field that Awareness is aware of, expanding into, or being distracted from is primordially present because Awareness and field of awareness are inseparable. We come to experience it in the same way that Awareness has come to be noticed.

Gratitude or appreciation, just like any other emotion-mind state, pours through the field. Negative emotion-mind states do as well in the exact same way.

Awareness/field are inseparable and field/emotion are indivisible.

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