#9, the Houses spiritually viewed: the 6th house

The houses on either side of the horizon often are used by the indwelling Soul/higher nature with emphasis. These houses are 6, 7,12, 1. Vertically, the houses that the midline initiate (4, 10) also hold significant but more so for the personal life (home and career respectively). At some point, the Path and an individual’s life are one and the same all houses would be used as fully as possible.

Going in the direction this series has taken, the 6th house is the first that the sun drops into after crossing the horizon. The horizon line represents dusk or twilight in the west of the chart, dawn in the east. Some things are seen better in this light. When the sun is not dancing off singular leaves, or illumining particular colors of animals or the details of things, then the wholeness that is all around is revealed. The environment takes on a certain vividness and unity, in part because the twilight renders all things equal, thus equally important. If a person with strong Virgo has worked out the petty, picky, critical demonstrations of Virgoan emotion-mind, then this equality will be active. Equal means necessary; and the dynamics of one thing missing or being added, of being employed to one’s or its potential, or the interactive benefits of this to that are easily recognized for people with strong Virgo. This is why they can manage well, organize efficiently, and keep the big picture goal in mind while working with the details that will accomplish that goal. This is also why strong Virgo can be found in the healing arts such as nursing, veterinary, herbology, acupuncture, ayurveda, and such. Look to the 6th house to provide similar energetic tendencies.

Planets in the 6th could display our neurotic tendencies. If so, the planets will also be part of the rationalization for such behaviors. Each of these “house” articles have offered the detrimental and personalized features of both the sign and planets in the corresponding house. Take neatness for example when considering Virgo or the 6th house. Unto itself, it is not a neurosis. Fixating on neatness, obsessing about it, or the opposite of hoarding due to not being able to throw things away (“I might need that one day,”) are neurotic afflictions. They are out of balance. We are well served to observe how we all have afflictive tendencies, how we self-abuse or self-negate, and how such behaviors and their excuses effect our lives, wallet, as well as those around us.

The 6th house also represents arenas of service to others, helping with day to day needs, healing plus physical well-being for people, animals, ecological systems, and the terrain – outer and inner (such as subtle systems). As such, 6th house planets will play an active role in these situations. If the 6th house is uninhabited, look to the sign on its cusp for an over-arching influence to health and well-being, one’s orientation toward health and healing, or one’s inclination toward service or lack thereof. The 6th house is also implicated in collaboration, in working or playing well with others, in finding one’s niche, or being at ease/comfortable in one’s role in the workplace, in the family dynamics, and in one’s community.

Humility can also be a Virgoan characteristic. It stems from the sun setting. If Virgo and the 6th house are contemplated from the other direction (Aries to Taurus, etc.), then, humility would stem from the collaborative ethos of Virgo and the equality mentioned above. Considering humility as a characteristic, the person with 6th house planets might play them down, be self-effacing about their skills, or not go to those planets if circumstances would highlight the person or the acumen. If this illustrates your psychological relationship with your 6th house planets, understand that skills are actually born of the higher nature and are honed through lifetimes. It takes quite a lot of effort over a long period of time to develop a skill. Be encouraged to use them.

The 6th sign (Virgo) is a Mutable Cross, Earth sign. Mutable means adaptable or flexible; and earth signs tend to be industrious and conservative in choice of action. (This is not a political use of the term conservative.) Planets in the 6th house will likely be operative in one’s work, work ethic, plus how one goes with the flow with life in general and at work specifically.

The rulers of Virgo are Mercury traditionally, the Moon veiling Vulcan esoterically, and Jupiter hierarchically. These rulers effect the 6th house.

Mercury’s influence to planets in the 6th house is that of mind and movement. Regarding mind, the mental aspect of a planet will be fostered, even if the planet is not an overtly mental planet. For example, if Neptune or the Moon is in the 6th house, an intuitive or psychic or empathetic quality in one’s thinking processes could be brought forward. Information would have to feel right. Also, an associative and linking mind is likely rather than a sequential, methodical mind. If planets such as Saturn or Mercury are in the 6th, methodical mental processes will be likely as well as a dose of skepticism.

Mercury is “fleet-footed.” In some way, speed or agility is likely for the planets in the 6th. If a mental planet, the person might think quickly or process data readily for example. If an emotional planet, the person might react quickly in the character of that planet.

Mercury’s rulership of Virgo and its influence on the 6th house support the parts-to-whole quality of Virgo. In this way, planets in the 6th are key components to the design of this lifetime. The same would be so of planets in Virgo regardless of house.

This house encompasses the dusk and twilight of the chart. Perception must adjust or adapt to this changing light. Mercury assists in this. Mercury is not only mental processes but is buddhic as well. Even on the common turn of the spiral that attribute of Mercury is available. What one can do well and how to proceed to make something happen are require equal parts intellect and intuition. If this house is inhabited, those planets are what one thinks or feels one can do well. These are then offered in service or are implicit to one’s career.

The Moon veiling Vulcan
The term “veiling” was introduced into astrology by Master DK in his book, Esoteric Astrology. The idea is ancient and refers to all manner of factors seen and unseen or recognized and – as yet – unrecognizable. For example, the higher nature or pure Being of you and me is currently veiled by our manifest expression; the moisture in the atmosphere is veiled when the sky appears cloudless or is not raining/snowing. Pure Being and moisture are always present, ceaselessly so, but temporary appearances or current expressions veil. The apparent is taken as what “is.” This is a fundamental error of the dualistic intellect: if something is not apparent, then intellect imputes that it does not exist.

Veiling also refers to perceiving something but not having a reference for it, therefore an inability to currently understand or functionally perceive. The tale of the Polynesians seeing a large ship coming into the bay that they lived near is an example. They only knew of their type of water-craft: handmade, low to the water, and small compared to the massive hulk with huge fluttering wings (sails) that was drifting toward them. They could see it and hear the sounds of voices as it drew nearer but had no way to reference what they were seeing.

Three signs of the zodiac have much to offer humanity but their fullness is veiled.
It seems that we are not yet ready to receive or perceive their fullness. They are Virgo, Leo, and Taurus. Ruling planets are veiled in all three signs. One is well served in contemplating why this is so. Why those three?

As many people know, in the ancient times of previous root races, Leo-Virgo were one sign. It was Sphinx. The opposite signs of Aquarius-Pisces were one also but no monuments made to them have been discovered.

Though Aquarius and Pisces were not reported with veiling planets by Master DK, only these two signs have had their rulers changed by the discovery of the outer planets. I wonder if Uranus (Aquarius) and Neptune (Pisces) had not yet been “discovered” when DK transmitted Esoteric Astrology if their ancient and traditional rulers of Saturn and Jupiter respectively would have been named as veiling Uranus and Neptune respectively?

One more point regarding the planet that is veiled and the one that is veiling: each should be reflected upon for their potential or active influence pertinent to one’s life and Path. The veiled planet is akin to the hierarchical ruler in that receptivity and resonance must be possible within the native in order for the influence of these subtle vibrations to be recognized or integrated into one and one’s life.

Taurus is the sign of enlightenment. Its opposite, Scorpio, is the sign of discipleship and earnest application of the instructions of the Path. More on these as their articles are written.

The Moon
We are told in the ancient wisdom that the Moon is the “mother of form”. Esoterically, the Moon represents the entirety of our dimensional expression not merely the dense physical. It also points to the occult fact that the densified form of anything is a representation or reflection of the energies and habits of consciousness that generated the form. The moon in the sky can only be seen due its reflecting of the sun’s light; similarly all forms are reflections, mirror-like representations of something else. The 6th sign and 6th house, then, ask us to realize that everything is more than it seems.

Physical health and well-being are a classical foci of the 6th house. But, what does health or well-being mean? For me, I wouldn’t change my journey with physical disability for the world! Multiple Sclerosis has offered teachings that nothing else previously had or maybe could. I don’t live with pain, and maybe my tune would change if that were otherwise. I live a wealth of well-being even though hiking the mountains around me are not possible. Instead, inner landscapes are regularly traversed. And, this body is used to produce what it needs through gardening, listening to others, and being present. What is health and well-being to you?

The Moon invites that question as well as a contemplation of comfort and ease. Being an earth sign, Virgo is at home in the comforts of the physical plane and can cozy up with the internal and subterranean dimensions of the psyche. Cozying up can easily become entanglement. Compulsions, obsessions, hoarding, or keeping and organizing for their own sake are examples of this. Judgement and criticality are as well; but, then, so is quilting or meditating or yoga or cooking. In each example, it is losing site of why one is doing what one is doing that is the issue. This is like forgetting that the moon has no light of its own. Without self-reflection, doing renders human beings non-human.

6th house planets should be viewed as active components of our sense of comfort, comfort zones, and ease. This esoteric rulership declares that all ease comes from macro energies at play such as positive karma, merit, and virtue, plus attending to things properly, fully, and in timely manner as well as other-focused ways of living such as being just and ethical, honest, patient, courteous, and kind. Being comfortable with these will ensure ease through this life and through lives to come. This, too, is symbolized by the Moon which represents the past but is in the present and will continue to express for some time to come.

Planets in the 6th house will likely feel automatic, so easy as to require little thought or effort. This makes using them easy too. The key is to express more of the range of any planet’s expression and attributes. Explore 6th house planets for that which is hidden by their commonly used manifestation.

Vulcan is veiled by the Moon esoterically in Virgo
Vulcan is a dwarf planet hidden by the radiance of the sun. Its orbit is between the sun and Mercury. Magnetic anomalies have indicated this planetoid since the early 1900’s. It is likely that Vulcan is an etheric planet and does not have a dense form. It will be interesting as the Aquarian Age of energy and ether gets in full swing and as more human beings perceive etherically if Vulcan will be “discovered” in its own right. We’ll see.

Vulcan is a blacksmith in Roman mythology and is called Hephaestus in Greek mythology. He is a god, born of Jupiter (Zeus) and Juno. As a cosmic joke on Venus, Jupiter wed the misshapen goliath, Vulcan to Venus. It was an unhappy situation for all involved.

Vulcan is the master re-fashioner of all things material. He can do so because his view is not material but is ethereal. Vulcan being veiled by “the mother of form” brings us – once again – to emptiness/shunyata. Prajnaparamita is the “mother of buddhas” and reliance upon the wisdom of emptiness is how the buddhas and bodhisattvas abide thus are realization. In a similar way, Vulcan’s adeptship with form is illustrating the emptiness of form and of concepts regarding dimensional existence. As abstract and Buddhist as this sounds, the instruction for 6th house planets and those in Virgo is one of practicality. Since everything is more than it seems, remake your reality through living this truth. Take nothing as the appearance that confronts you or has come into your moment. Like the moon’s reflective luminescence actually announcing the sun or ease, friendship, or benevolence reporting the positive karmic forces that one has generated from being just, kind, generous, and benevolent in this and lives past, similarly “all that appears” and seems to exist in our present is exactly what we have created. Karma is flawless in its neutrality. Understanding, one begins to refashion the material of one’s relationships, one’s life, and one’s capacity for goodness.

Sublime beings are often depicted with ornaments of gold and precious jewels. These symbolize the refashioning or transforming that Vulcan can provide. Adornments represent the lasting wealth of altruism, goodness of heart, openness of mind, and the supreme abundance of Awareness-Being. Though ultimately, heart, Awareness, kindness, and such dissolve into that which is inexpressible, until then Vulcan’s method is to rhythmically present the prima materia of our existence to us.

The pounding of the blacksmith’s hammer is precise in location, pressure, and always with a design in mind. The Soul is this blacksmith. Incarnation plus each circumstance, relationship, and environment during that incarnation are Vulcan’s opportunities for a reworking of that which has been brought from the past into ornamentation of the present and wisdom-compassion for all time to come. 6th house planets should be viewed a) as representing the qualities within one that are receiving particular repeated potential illumination and transformation during this life and b) the primary planetary tools being used to foster, elicit, and accomplish transformation.

The Moon is the past. Vulcan is the present. But, Vulcan’s creations serve for all time to come. In the Greek stories, such as the Iliad and Odyssey, the gift from Hephaestus (Vulcan) to the would-be hero would serve in a variety of upcoming situations. Vulcan was far-sighted. We are asked to be the same.

Jupiter rules Virgo and the 6th house hierarchically
Jupiter’s hierarchical rulership picks up on the themes of transformation, wealth, and emptiness then adds the heart as the womb. Jupiter is the heart: organ, chakra, way of being, as well as heart-mind, awakened mind, joy of being, and one’s medicine ie. one’s spirit. The heart is the alchemical ingredient necessary for all lasting transformation. The heart’s essence is immeasureable; it is truly abundant. The heart is also possibly one of the most erudite ambassadors of emptiness because the true heart is perfectly empty of conditions, parameters, and preferences. The open heart is vulnerable, powerful, raw, and fecund simultaneously. Heart is the womb from which all expressions of being are born. It is the black hole that births the courageous.

Jupiter’s hierarchical role in Virgo is well-symbolized by the Greek icon of Theotokos. The Christ-essence arises from the chalice which is held within but also is the heart of the Madonna.

The chalice of gold is a container which protects and holds but also is to be poured out. (Gold: wealth, ornament, Vulcan’s handiwork, and more) The chalice holds some of the same deep meanings as the skull cup in Tibetan Buddhism. If one is to free the essence within, one must first drink of the suffering of life and know it without question or aversion. This is represented by the Madonna who, as a woman, experiences the pain of pregnancy and birth along with the sacrifices and travails of motherhood. Birth brings new life into form, thus she is emptiness. Madonna and heart are inseparable just as are emptiness and phenomena.

Jupiter ruling this mutable earth sign signals that transformation can only happen through the earth of our life. Earth is why the enlightened ones have meditated in or been born in caves, forests, or charnel grounds. Equally so, the power of the heart is best demonstrated through one’s life. This influence on the 6th house suggests that planets here are facets of the diamond-heart which is incorruptible. These planets are to be lived not for oneself but for the abundance of Being that one can emanate into the world through the simple moments of life. Nothing fancy, no self-focus, just simple being.

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