Meditation: Buddhi 1

In many ways, life is a constant discovering of the innate. A baby innately knows how to be in the water, for example. Children innately know how to share. Culture and society, then, exert their influence in all ways possible and in ways unrecognized as influencing – even brainwashing. Meditation, inclusive of walking in nature, swimming with nature, listening to the sky or the birds or the bees or another human being, bring us back to innate ease, non-separateness, and inter-connected wholeness.

This series of meditation practices will use only what has been practiced in these online meditations before. Within every meditation technique are layers of practice. That’s the efficiency and elegance of meditation! Buddhi/bodhi lies within your and my experience already. Pointing that out, supporting the buddhic within the moment (on or off the cushion) reinforces the vibrational purity of buddhi in that moment. Yes, in time and at some point of meditation/awareness that description or sensation or looking for (clinging) the vibrational distinctness will have to be let go, but while it brings understanding, acuity, and deepens one’s practice, use it.

The Buddha gave all manner of instructions in how to use duality to liberate all constructs and identifications with and in duality. Out of compassion, he did so because we are enamored and hoodwinked by our sense of dualistic reality. Fair enough on both ends! So, let’s use our duality to experience the fuller range of it. The refined, sublime, and non-dual are to be experienced. Experiencing anything – even that which is labeled or felt as non-dual – is of course dualistic because there is an identified experience by an identified experiencer. Yet, experiencing the wakefulness, the vibrationally refined, luminous, and sublime that is in any moment is possibly the only way to undo the habituated sense of duality, the ego-identification that thinks/feels/senses it is experiencing, and the distinctions of phenomena as well.

Let’s meditate.

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