Meditation: the essence of the heart

One week of meditating with any technique is not enough to bring forward, let alone establish, what the technique can provide. Various traditions of the world have month-long, several month-long, or years-long trainings in specific, and often, foundational practices. Therefore, moving along through four steps or any number of steps in a weekly fashion gives a wrong impression, and I want to acknowledge that.

I started meditating as a young child in this life. It arose within me and was self-directing. I still go back to those initial, ground-level practices almost daily. No matter where one thinks one is at in meditation training, if one is not enlightened, we are perpetual beginners. This is a relief to admit to one’s self. We can stop projecting onto our self that we should be able to do meditation better. Of course, the masters of meditation have  repeatedly said that meditation is fundamentally a non-doing, a non-activity. Meditation is to be present in the present, to be aware of the play and theatrical display of life, and to know within the heart of the mind that all is sublimely perfect, flawlessly manifesting both the illusory and the nakedly true.

Step 3 of our experiment with four steps draws upon the heart.

the essence of the heart

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