Meditation: living awareness

Why do you meditate? What do you hope to achieve through your practice?

As an incarnating being of profound capacity and untold layers of Awareness, you intended that meditation would be found in this incarnation and that you would practice it, learn from your insights and understandings, and integrate a meditative way with living into your life. How are you doing with all of that?

The Practice of Living Awareness is one of many meditation practices currently available to humanity. From the very first, I have openly said that The Practice is nothing new. The steps come from the two greatest meditation masters that humanity has known: Lord Buddha and the sage Patanjali. Sprinkled in is some of the wisdom of the great Lao Tsu. What makes The Practice of Living Awareness what it is is its emphasis on experiencing what you are experiencing, yet doing so without story line. Just experience the breath, open to it. Experience the moment for its fullness. Soften and open to each moment, person, and event for the raw energy and richness that each is.

To live one’s awareness is to live the purpose of an incarnation. That purpose must transpire and be expressed through all our common responsibilities and relationships, yes. But, without living awareness none of these are alive, none of these are being lived for the potency that they intrinsically are and can release beneficially into the world. So, being what you incarnated to be. Live your meditation practice thoroughly and bring goodness into the world.

This is a simple, luminous meditation.

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