Update from Jaroso, Colorado

I am, and will be, eternally grateful to all who made this life-move possible. Thank you.

With assistance from about 65 people, approximately $24,000 was raised and contributed toward the total renovation and ADA equipping of this small three-season cottage into a four-season small home. It’s perfect! With the disabilities that my physical body has due to MS, small is good.

With my friends/landlords, we are moving forward with making this and their home solar powered with the intention of off-grid. Some of the raised-funds remain and will be put toward the solar field which will be installed this Spring/Summer.

Along with the online meditation practice and my meditation through the day (largely off-the-cushion in volunteering in things that I can help with, the indoor gardening of food is another joyful meditation. I wish you all such joy!

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  1. Pam Shy says:

     Thanks for the update! Love your new digs!!!  Delightfully bright in many ways!Thanks for doing the hydroponics project….giving me inspiration to try, perhaps next winter or maybe this year…yet!Love you,P

    • Yes, Pam, the plant thing has been super easy. A sunny window is all one needs. I recommend Mike VanDuzee’s YouTube channel for DIY hydronponic ideas as well as sprouting microgreens. I have both going, and currently am using containers that I would recycle otherwise. I have already shared microgreens with Jane and Jen and had a couple of plates of salad. 😊

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