advancing meditation: dew drop

Each of the similes given by the Buddha (posted below) are intended for vipashyana contemplation and to be carried through the day. Each provides volumes of pondering and observation of self and life. Each also directs one to truly look, to deeply consider self, people, events, circumstances, and all that appears and appears to exist. Is any of it as one perceives?

In this meditation, dew drop is considered. Ethereal, temporary, beautiful, delightful, impermanent, transitory, fleeting in nature: the dew drop dazzles the onlooker with glistening beauty. But, in a short while, the dew drop will be gone and will have left no trace of its existence, like bird tracks in the sky.

All is impermanent; whether beautiful, beguiling, seemingly real and lasting such as the sense of self-identity, or difficult like pain and loss. All is transitory.

What does this contemplation mean in the context of vipashyana? Increasing truth of perception.

advancing 071018 – dew drop

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