advancing meditation: when the profound is common …

When the profound is common, the common is profound. This awakeness, this awareness, this delight and empathy dances through one’s mind and emotions such that any moment – even every moment – is realized as far more than what it seems.

With that recognition, the layers of reality that are false, self-made, or societally constructed begin to deconstruct. It is then one’s choice: reconstruct the false or go forward in non-construction. Non-construction is the freshness of any given moment.

All of this begins with “noticing the usually not noticed,” something that was introduced in the Entry practice of The Practice of Living Awareness. Like all meditation instructions, noticing will serve us until full, complete, perfect enlightenment is the state. Until anutarasamyaksambodhi, we notice and discover the more and subtle, the profound in the common and the common in the profound.

advancing 070318 when the profound becomes common

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