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Why is a guided “meditation” often easier to accomplish than one of non-distraction? Lots of reasons!

  1. A guided meditation is communal, relational. The meditator is listening to someone else with interest.
  2. Following is generally easier than leading. This is due to consistency with directions: a guided meditation is an ongoing direction-stream. On one’s own, or when the instruction is “follow the breath,” or “watch the mind,” one begins to question correctness, where is this going, is this what I should be doing, and so forth. In other words, being guided reduces self-questioning which is a significant form of distraction for meditators in training.
  3. All guided meditations actively engage the creative imagination. And, essentially, that is fun. It is at least pleasurable.
  4. In a group field creative visualization creates a shared holographic reality. This is so even with an online group or when a person listens to one of these podcasts which were recorded with a group meditating. For example in this guided meditation, we visualize all people of the world experiencing the peace that we are experiencing. A collective visualization is telepathically constructed from all the meditator’s current experience. That experience is an energetic that, due to the emptiness of phenomena, can be conjured again when someone listens on podcast or a year from now. Similarly so, when the guidance is to envision a lotus unfolding at the heart. Everyone meditating visualizes and/or perceives this in some way. A collection of telepathic/holographic/creative images and experiences amass. Then, one’s podcast experience will be supported by the telepathic group field.

There is something else going on in a meditation such as this one. It is named “effortless” because of the natural state that we (and you) naturally and easily encounter when other thoughts and things are not obscuring this naturalness.

Repeated experiences of this natural state of awareness are important because they report the moreness and simplicity of what we are in essence.

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