Did you see …?

Movies you might not have seen or are worth seeing again. These are available through Netflix and might be on Amazon Prime.

  • Chasing Ice: clear, dramatic, and poignant visual photography taken over years of the melting of glaciers and snow caps. The scenery is beautiful. The changes are shocking and must be seen for oneself.
  • Happy People: people living in the Tigra, remote Siberia. A simple self-sustaining lifestyle keeps these locals content with Nature and living within her principles and ways.
  • Man on Wire: OMG. Watch someone defy the laws of gravity.
  • Howard Zinn: You cant be neutral on a moving train: the free-thinking ahead of his time, voice of pointed consciousness, Howard Zinn, is treated in this biography narrated by Matt Damon. His voice is right for our time as it was while he was alive.
  • Pina: breathtaking art and movement by the dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch. A film by Wim Wenders
  • When the Iron Bird Flies: when, how, and according to prophecy Tibetan Buddhism started to permeate America.

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