Images of the Zodiac: Contemplating Cancer

Symbol Reader takes up each sign of the zodiac in her particular deep way. Always exposing the layers of the psyche, tales and myths of the sign’s expression, all written as if painted. This post gives ALL 12 signs.



It is 1975, a glorious spring in Istanbul. Kemal, member of one of the city’s wealthiest families, is about to become engaged to Sibel, daughter of another prominent family, when he encounters Füsun, a beautiful shop assistant and a distant relative. They embark on a secret love affair but Kemal cannot make up his mind whether he should break up with Sibel. When he reaches his resolve and breaks off his engagement, it is already too late. In the meantime, his love for Füsun has become an obsession. He has turned into a compulsive collector of objects that chronicle his love for her. She lives with her parents now and does not appear to be interested in a relationship with him. However, she tolerates his frequent visits during which he steals various objects belonging to her. With that loot he builds a museum, a shrine dedicated to his lost love…

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