Tao Te Ching 57: Relinquish Control

I highly recommend Rory’s commentary on the Tao te Ching. It’s contemporary application of these timeless teachings is guidance for our changing times.



– 57 –

In order to be a great leader,

you must first learn to follow the Tao.

War may be won with exceptional moves,

but loyalty is only won by not-doing.

Relinquish control

and the world will govern itself.


How do I know this is so?

Because in this world,

the greater the prohibitions,

the less virtuous people will be.


The more advanced the weapons of state,

the less secure people will be.

The more laws are posted,

the more thieves appear.

Therefore the Sage says:

I do not try to control

and the people transform themselves.


I embrace quietude

and the people settle into their regular grooves.

I do not meddle in people’s lives

and they grow prosperous.

I let go of all desire

and the people return become serene.


In this section of the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu returns his attention to…

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