Energy, Vibration, Truth of Being

The Practice of Living Awareness

fountain+transfigurationThere is no density. All is energy in various dimensions of vibration. The slower moving frequencies create a seeming densification, but it is only seeming.

Humanity is being called to its ability to perceive and, thereby, undo the seeming and the projected and the fear of the unknown. None of that is real. And, truth be told, we know that because we are born with apparatus that report vibration to us ceaselessly. Somehow over the last number of centuries that ability has been marginalized and deem abnormal. Yet, living divorced from one’s full nature divorces a human being from relation with life and the ongoing presences of vibration that life is. We are then nothing more than unfulfilled bodies.

But that is not the truth of being a human being, nor is it true that density is something to be fought or commanded or that it offers reasons for being…

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