Meditation: the way to human excellence

7134eecc-ecfb-49c5-97e0-422401fbc772Human beings do things when there is an understanding of what one will get from doing so. Meditation – like proper nutrition, beauty around one, and good relations – feeds the soul, brightens the mind, composes the emotional nature, and encourages sacred interaction with everything in our physical body and physical life.

There is so much to say about meditation, about every aspect of it, as well as all the ways it benefits you and those you interact with. The list is so full  that it’s almost unbelievable. Yet, and furthermore, your vibrational clarity and well-being positively effect the world. An increase of people who meditate, and one’s skill with meditation, helps tilt the human-made world toward consciousness, kindness, and truly creative solutions to very big problems.

Visit The Practice of Living Awareness blog for over 40 short or longer articles on meditation, its internal science, the distinct human form of inner art that it is, and how to establish or boost a meditation practice. The Practice of Living Awareness is offered free and online in group meditation sessions every day of the week. It has been so for more than five years. We begin a new round of practice next Monday, January 26. Click here for details.

The Practice is a synthesis of the training in timeless and effective techniques of meditation. It is also about dynamically taking meditation off the cushion and into one’s life.

Here are some posts to pique your curiosity.

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