Agni Yoga 1: The Path of Fire

Agni Yoga is the yoga of Fire. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which means to yoke or harness. Agni is also Sanskrit. It means fire. Thus, at essence, Agni Yoga is a philosophy, science, set of teachings and practices that put one en rapport with the spiritual fires within. In so doing, one comes to realize those same fiery essences in everyone, everything, and, in fact, in all of life.

As we will come to understand, this realization of fiery life, one life essence, and practices to discover, enhance, and bring forward the same, are within multiple spiritual disciplines. I am of the thought that all Seven Schools of Yoga (of which Agni is the final) are dispensations of macrocosmic teachings into the wholeness of human consciousness. Therefore, as an example, Hatha Yoga is not just about physical postures or a person’s relation to their body. More on that in this short video.

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