Half Moon

778e678bbGazing at the half moon for a pre-dawn meditation, a statement of the Master DK came to mind. He offers that the Moon is dead and exerts an influence on that which should and could be left behind. But because the Moon is held within the gravitational field of the Earth, we do the same with habits, tendencies, and evils that otherwise could be left behind. We hold onto them.

Hersheys_Syrup_1950s_01I pondered the fly paper-like quality of certain habits that I have such as a little dark chocolate every day, the need of a clean counter before even imagining what to cook, and my desire that everyone understand karma and their Being. I contemplated how deeply each of these go. A wide-ranging intuitive capacity was making me insane as a young child and something in me sought a way to dissipate the intensity and 24/7ness of that untempered and mentored awareness. Chocolate – Hersey’s syrup to be exact – came to the rescue. The times of my life that I have gone off chocolate are truly insane for a number of days as everything decodes, as I can hear the thoughts of passersby as I drive, and can feel the karma of a lifetime of anyone. A little dark chocolate keeps that in check, clips its wings so to speak.

Clean counters and food? Yeh! Nothing else need be said.

waterfallA desire that others understand karma and Beingness, of course. The whole world would change because each person would understand more of their wholeness, thus of the truth of their capacity and the realness and sacredness of everyone and everything else. We would all understand that kindness is an energy stream, a river that nourishes and seeds, washes away and cleanses, and that as it flows it is like light self-propagating forever. Karma is the simple ignorance of not knowing, believing, or living according to an understanding like this. So, yes, I wish that upon everyone including myself.

Detroit Area Economy Worsens As Big Three Automakers Face Dire CrisisAre these evil habits of mind, desire, and body? I contemplated more on the Master’s statement. And my inner eye viewed war, disease, poverty of the soul, of body, mind, stomach, and ethical underpinnings. I pondered the belief in an “I” that my three examples represent and that any other human example would and there was what He was talking about. We cling to that fabled, mystical something that we call our self. We hold it tight within our magnetic fields of awareness.

The Moon pulls at our old ideas of self like it pulls on the oceans. Each time something new opens in our mind, becomes obvious to our awareness, each time we meditate, contemplate or discover a wider frame of reference do we leap into it? Or do we tread just outside its door, pacing holding onto the Moon?

IMG_0334I teach yes/and as in expand and include. New understandings absorb older, smaller ones. We don’t know what we don’t know and don’t know that we don’t know it until we do. The sun is rising over the east ridge now, and the moon is still high. For an hour or so both will illumine the sky, a yes/and. DK’s words, my habits, and a better understood sense of self, yes/and.

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