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In Support of Humanity continued meditations

We will continue with group meditation in support of humanity’s Path forward. Humanity is an intricate member of the entirety of our living planet and its Beingness. Let’s bring  forward the light! * There will be a once-monthly, full day … Continue reading

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Meditation: in the palm of our hand

On the cushion there are countless meditation techniques. Each begins with shamatha. Some will combine shamatha and vipashyana. Said without Sanskrit terms: All meditation sessions will begin with something pertaining to, eliciting, or in support of centeredness, tranquility of mind … Continue reading

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Essential points on why the breath is a primary focus in meditation

Some points on why breath regarding shamatha outer breath is light, as in weightless breath is unadorned, simple, and ordinary breath is continuous and a continuity Awareness, essential Being, mind, the nature of mind (all the same essence) {repeat each … Continue reading

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Meditation: dimensions 2 – the linkage

A significant component in more fully experiencing and understanding the dimensions of being is the linkage of sensations, perception, and orientation/direction. The senses register quality such as hot or cold, soft or rough, salty or sweet. Those designations of attribute, … Continue reading

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“great retreat”, and online meditations resume Tuesday

I had envisioned being able to upload both the audio and video recordings from the retreat onto BlazingLight. But, alas, their file size is large and my paltry internet (satellite) could not complete that process in a timely manner. The … Continue reading

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