Meditation: ah, all beings equal

The English language is one wherein definitions, distinctions, and separating are primary mechanisms. Most indigenous languages as well as older languages of the world such as those of the East (Chinese, the many dialects of the Himalayas and sub-continent), Mayan and Eqyptian use connotation as a primary mechanism rather than defined, discreet singularities. The term “nondual” in English is an example.

The word seems to mean “not” “dual.” However, negation of duality is not really the meaning of the term nondual; which is why I use non-two or yes/and. The idea and potential lived awareness of non-two is that of the recognition that all is united, inter, woven, inseparable. If nondual is indicating that the frame work of opposition (duality), such as subject-object, you-me, us-them, have-have not, and so forth is non, as in non-existent, fabricated, imagined and thereby only exists in “the mind that makes it so,” then nondual is pointing toward, but not at, the greater truth of unity, ever dependently, indivisibly connected.

Awareness is compassion. These are not two separate functions of a being, nor do they arise separately. They are a woven whole.

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