Meditation: mind making it so 1

Which do you like more: Indian food or Italian? What toothpaste do you use; and is it with or without fluoride? Such personal choices are examples of “everything exists in the mind. The mind makes it so.”

I don’t own a TV and haven’t for at least 15 years. That choice is personal one. It is also a by-product of myriad mental, emotional, and subjective considerations and preferences. If I watch something on my computer while eating, it’s usually Dharma or something about the natural world. Again, choices.

Yet, each choice that we make has tremendous ripple effects -even seemingly small ones- for one’s self, one’s well-being, mood and demeanor, quality of sleep, as well as what one thinks and thinks about, and puts time, energy, effort, and possibly money toward. Each choice or decision fuels well-being and liberation or strengthens the so familiar grooves of limitation .

Watching how the mind (emotion-mind-self complex) makes each moment be the experience that each person uniquely has is a wondrous and amazing observation that takes “noticing the usually not noticed” to ground zero: oneself; the who. At this point in my Path, I laugh at the observable who more than any other response. And, I am amazed. My past lives are in present moments; future lives, too. The future of five minutes from now is also predicated upon how I or you choose to Be in this moment. That’s so straight forward, so clear, so unambiguous, so empowering.

Do you find awakening fun? I do.

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