Meditation: prajna, equal

The fact that all beings are equal to oneself is a powerful consideration. It is a game-changer, in fact, if one takes in its full ranging meaning and application. All beings experience well-being or harm. All beings seek well-being and happiness; no being seeks suffering. When you or I experience an emotion of any kind, in that instant millions of human beings are experiencing a similar emotion. When you or I experience joy or sorry, ease or pain, anxiety or loss, appreciation or gratitude, hunger/thirst/cold/or being too hot, more than likely billions (with a B) are experiencing the same in their particular circumstances. And, when considering animals on land, in the air or sea, or plants, they also experience hunger, thirst, sense of loss/mourning, appreciation and joy, pain and harm. And, their numbers are beyond uncountable.

So, in fact, all beings are equal to you and me in more ways than the vast majority of humanity has ever considered. In our meditation sessions, we have begun to reflect upon this.

One’s responsibility to the well-being of others as well as our fault in harming others (mentally, emotionally, physically, or contributing obstacles to their Path and wholeness) becomes incontrovertible with the fact of how shared our existence is with others. I, personally, have found this ongoing contemplation to have fostered certain personal transformations or made them easier, such as increasing plant-based dietary choices and significantly decreasing animal flesh as protein. All beings being equal to myself has supported me in non-judgement of others, more patience overall, as well as the same with myself. And, this consideration of all beings has promoted stability, dedication, a constant freshness, together with a curious combination of sense ease and no time to waste regarding my Path.

Prajna is to “see things as they are.” Prajna means “to look correctly.” These phrases can seem to put an emphasis on visual perception, but that is not the case. Prajna is to perceive ever more widely and to recognize the interdependence of self and self-made reality, personally and collectively. One result is to never mistake the surface or superficial for the depth, breadth, and Truth of any moment.

As we contemplate all beings as equal to myself we open ourselves to Truth. Then all through the day that contemplation will call our attention to be more true to Truth.

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