Meditation: prajna, intimate, you

In this session, some of this was said spontaneously. Let me repeat it here for those who do not use the podcast.

We have learned to notice the usually not noticed incrementally. Now some of our emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and being in non-stop motion in body, speech, or mind are noticed sometimes. Awareness is slightly more in its seat. That’s worth smiling about!

Because of noticing the usually not noticed increasingly, beauty also is more noticed, peace and how beneficial it is is more noticed. Life has become more vibrant and vivid, including its pain and suffering. Empathy is more noticed, not being empathetic also is. Patience is more noticed, being impatient, too. Awareness is more in its seat.

We’ve noticed that there is a lot more to us than we ever understood before. We now understand that there are myriad, maybe countless, causes and conditions for the manifestation of any one thing, one person, one event, or nanosecond of existence -and that every instant and being in that instant are completely interdependent, interconnected, and necessary. Awareness.

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