Meditation: presence and empathy

There are various things that we learn that keep giving. Reading and literacy for example. Collaborating with others learned as pick-up games such as softball, basketball, hide and seek when I was a kid were where one learned how to navigate working with others used now as adults and adults with children. Meditation is another skill, which together with mindful attention brought to participating in one’s life and the world, are skills that also keep giving.

I’ve been meditating for lifetimes; and in this life since I was a young child. No one taught me – it just was there. It keeps giving through lives. And, each component of meditation training itself is limitless in abundance -from one sitting to another and off the cushion in our lives. Interestingly, it is when we stop looking for the “good” meditation and just settle into ease and clarity that something deeply meaningful will occur.

Meditation is a set of “wholesome roots” that, like those of a tree, keep giving.

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