non-deceptive 5: intrinsically awake

“If enlightenment exists apart from meditation, how can meditation reveal it?

If it is ineffable, how may it be discussed?

The whole world is enslaved by concepts, and no one recognizes their essential nature.”

Saraha, 8th century *1


“It is thought that creates the duality of mind and object;

It is wisdom that perceives them as non-dual.

Meditation means understanding that there is nothing to enter into or exit from.

Not grasping what appears is the state of self-liberation.”

the First Kukuraja *2


“Aspiring after levels of realization and liberation means deviating from bodhi;

Aspiring to obtain happiness is the great suffering;

Aspiring to attain the state beyond thought is another thought.

If you understand this, do not seek anything else!

Princess Gomadevi *3


“At that moment, Śri Simha … looked up and saw the teacher standing nearby. The teacher asked him, “What is it you want?”

“I need a method that will enable me to gain understanding in an instant and to attain enlightenment in one life.”

“Have you still not understood?” the teacher asked him. (The teacher had been teaching Śri Simha through symbols for days.)

“No, teacher.” Śri Simha answered.

“I have taught you from the very first moment. You did not understand! When I was ploughing the field, I taught you the true meaning of method and prajna. When you were served the meat of the sparrows, through that symbol I taught you the ultimate nature of the six aggregate consciousnesses. When you were reciting The Net of the Magic Manifestation (and the teacher remained silent), I taught you that all phenomena are beyond explanation. When you were served the woman’s arm, the fact that it was the left arm represented prajna, while the bracelets symbolized the five wisdoms. When you offered me the mandala, prostrated and circumambulated me but I remained silent, I was teaching you that all phenomena are beyond word, thought, and definition. When you decided to leave because you had not understood, I made you sweep the floor eighteen times to purify the (your) eighteen sense elements.” *4

Śri Simha sought that which actually is already present. We do the same. He said,”I need a method that will enable me to gain understanding in an instant and to attain enlightenment in one life.” Yet, he brought habits of mind and consciousness, expectations and a boatload of preconceptions to this teacher. Curiously, the very something that Śri Simha said he wanted  is devoid of and the antithesis of habits, consciousness, expectations and preconceptions. He also knew that this teacher was self-liberated from these yet Śri Simha clung to his norms and to his dualistic outcome-oriented frames of reference. Due to meaningless literalities and conventions, how could he possibly recognize or receive the teachings?

99.9% of humanity resemble this scenario. All is Path; and this must be so otherwise who is to determine or how would it be determined that such and such part of one’s day or life is Path and the rest is not? Furthermore, if the rest is not Path, what is it? Pointless actions? One tantra state, “(Such) actions are like the bewilderment of dreams.” *5

Every interaction, situation, joy, creative inspiration or disappointment, frustration, or difficulty is teacher and teaching. If we notice the teacher or the teaching or have the faculties to notice both, then illumination and liberation related to the robotized attachments and so forth are possible. They are actually being handed to us.

Awakeness is this noticing, is this present Presence and present Awareness. More in the next few posts.


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