For your health and well-being: herbal and fungi remedies

My heart is saddened by the prolonged non-health journey that a couple of my friends have been on. They are now hopelessly caught in the revolving door of the American medical model, and no good is coming of it. As we all age, and as our environment continues to be compromised, the use of herbal or earth-based medicinals could keep you or someone you love supported in good health or remedy an issue before it becomes serious.

Before getting to a list, consider that the human body is born of the Earth, every component of it is made from the Earth, and the human physical body follows the designs found throughout Mother Earth as well. Regarding designs: the circulatory system is a set of rivers and streams; the neural network is like the mycelium fabric in a forest; the bronchi are like branching ivy or bind weed here in Colorado; the plura lining of the lungs is permeable like a wetland. A woman’s breasts and a man’s penis are like mountains; both give forth fluids with force thus are like volcanos. Each organ is a complex environment unto itself being a mini-ecosystem but vibrantly and necessarily connected and interdependent with all other systems and organs plus to the outer environment, personal habits and relationships of that person.

The lymph system is like moisture in the environment and like the wind that moves it along. But, the lymph system is also like a colony of worms, microbes, and miniature insects that are cleaning and breaking down old matter, transforming it, or completing it. You can continue this contemplation on your own. It is worthwhile. Consider hair, bones, nails, any particular organ or system in the body and you will find its macro correspondent in the Earth. This body is made from the Earth, fed by the Earth, and will return to the Earth. The consciousness and Awareness that inhabits this body is another contemplation, and not for this set of articles. But you are welcome to join the online meditation practice here on BlazingLight any time!

Because the human body is made from the Earth, nurtured and nourished by it, I keep certain herbal tinctures and plant-sourced medicinals on hand at all times and use them. As a mother, my go-to were herbs and homeopathic remedies which are made from botanical and mineral ingredients. Decades ago, I made some of my own tinctures. Now, I buy them. My children were rarely sick from school-shared colds or flus; but then they had both been breast-fed for a year and were without shoes whenever possible until their teens. Barefoot wasn’t cool after that. But, I have no doubt that direct contact with the electromagnetic field of the ground supported their physical and energetic well-being.

Well-being is an all-around experience. We can be happy with one facet of life but concerned about another, and the concern significantly effect the happy parts. Pain or ache somewhere in the body can change a mood, muddy the mind, or even lead to hopelessness. My personal experience with my self (body included) and those I love is that our body calls out for care and wisdom all the time, but people rarely register the call until it becomes a plea. (Plea could be bloating when eating certain foods – every time that food is eaten, or a head ache from fluorescent lighting, or flabbiness from sitting.) If the person does not listen to the plea, the body has no choice but to get louder in its cry. Pain, or a malady becoming chronic, or inflammation settling into an “itis” in some part of the body, or the immune system -out of confusion, panic, and disharmony- assaulting a body system are examples. Still not enough of a cry? Ah, then there’s cancer.

Here is a list of a few herbal or fungal items which I have found instrumental to my physical health and to that of others. We could add Chinese herbs, Ayurvedic spice combinations, or Tibetan remedies which are all sourced from the earth and plants to this list. The ones here work well with my body and have a beneficial track record with other people I know.

Some of these items are used as needed, for example if symptoms of this or that arise. In that, they are prophylactic; then would be used as long as needed or fulfilling a protocol. Others are ongoing support, whether used intermittently like nettle tincture or daily like Lion’s Mane mushroom.

  • I am not a health practitioner and have nothing to gain through sharing the information in this series of posts other than your well-being thus less suffering in the psychic currents overall. Though I will share links to websites, I am not associated with nor receive remuneration from those sites. This is simply a sharing of information from one person to others. Be well!

Nettle tincture: a readily and fully absorbable source of iron. Nettles enliven the blood, help its flow, assist blood cell walls to absorb what should be absorbed and repel what should be repelled. Therefore, nettles strengthen the circulatory system, support oxygenation of the body and elimination of waste. One does not need to wait until one is anemic or the lungs or kidneys are having issues to take nettle tincture. I take some weekly; and if I’ve been working hard in the garden, I take it more frequently as a support.

Pau D’Arco tincture: Pau D’Arco is a Peruvian herb that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. Sounds to good to be true, I know, but this herb is a must-have in every home. I have seen it relieve arthritis pain (Grace), heal alopecia (female hair loss/Karen Z.), ward off colds and flu (myself) or lessen the severity of a cold or flu (family members and friends). I have been using Pau D’Arco for over 15 years. Many of my friends use it as needed, my daughter does too. At the first symptom or sign of a cold, flu, or bug, take 3 droppers every couple of hours. Too much is not possible. For arthritis, one would use it daily 2 or 3X a day. (Goldenseal is another anti-bacterial/anti-viral tincture. I do not know if it is anti-inflammatory.)

Horsetail tincture: the typical American diet and sitting more than movement through the day produce a tendency toward constipation and/or the bowel not fully releasing its contents. Horsetail is a bitter herb. Bitters can catalyze peristalsis. Horsetail does so through the entire colon/bowel. One would not over use horsetail. Movement, exercise, right diet all will help the colon. Also repopulate the gut with good flora and fauna.

Cat’s Claw: another New World herb (Central America) and another wonder worker. Cat’s Claw eases the GI-tract of inflammation or distress. The cause of the inflammation should be sorted out as well, of course. Cat’s Claw cured diverticulitis in me, and then I shared the protocol I used with a couple of others over the years. They also were cured -with dietary changes. Cat’s Claw also soothes the parasympathetic system. Thus, if one has been under stress, Cat’s Claw is not a cure of stress (life changes are required for that) but will assist the nervous and emotional systems to reset. Lastly, Cat’s Claw can be useful if IBS is in early stages; but -again-fundamental dietary and life habits will be needed to address IBS.

Lion’s Mane mushroom: overall supportive of the circulatory system, the brain, the heart, and the adrenals. Can be taken daily.

Cell salts: necessary for blood walls, nerve tissue, proper brain firing, magnesium and calcium uptake. If you use a real salt such as Himalayan salt, cell salts might not be necessary. Due to the pollution of the ocean and its acidification, sea salt is no longer a healthy type of salt.

Potassium: bananas and avocados are good sources of this vital mineral as is kale. Cramps in the legs often indicate a lack of potassium. Walgreens or CVS two-for-one sale of minerals is perfect for things like potassium, magnesium, or even Lion’s Mane. No need to pay top dollar.

Electrolytes: watermelon, papaya fruit, and pineapple are good sources. Coconut water, lime, pomegranate also.

One more thought: The human physical body is not a machine but is an organism. The body is responsive to everything around it, put in it, or that it is deprived of. Because the body is responsive, a person can confuse the body by giving it too many remedies or medications. One might tell the body to do one thing while another request that the body to do the opposite; and in general, medications don’t request but require. The body then doesn’t know what to do and will demonstrate its confusion in some way: the remedy won’t work as expected, the medication produces strong side effects, sleep might be affected, mood affected, as well as vitality. More is not better with supplements or medications in general, just like food.

Remember: the body does nothing willy-nilly. If it is warding off a cold for example, it will produce a temperature and increase mucus in order to gather up the germ and expel it. A day of rest would facilitate the body’s restoration. But, lo, rest???!!! What is  that?

Medications are prescribed as if human beings were all the same which is contrary to herbal and homeopathic medicines which are understood as working with the harmony of the body or its orientation toward harmony in its functioning. Medical tests are run and results measured by averages. But you are unique; and though your body seems to be average, it is unique, too. For instance, I take herbal thyroid and adrenal support remedies, and have for years. But my body will tell me to take a break from them. I feel fine when I do and then slowly after a week will know that it’s time to renew taking them. When eating the food that I cook (which is made with lots of culinary herbs), my bowel works great. If I eat other people’s food, my colon feels the difference; horsetail to the rescue. When the first whiff of a cold is noticed, I hit it hard with Pau D’Arco every hour plus Ester C (twice a day). My body doesn’t want goldenseal or echinacea. Why? Actually that doesn’t matter. I just need to respect that and know there are herbal alternatives.  Please honor your unique body as best serves it.

* Tinctures that are non-alcohol are palatable. Alcohol tinctures are very tough to swallow. I use for my tinctures. Natural Grocers, Sprouts, and Vitamin Cottage also have non-alcohol tinctures.

To your health! Feel free to pass this information on.

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