Meditation: already present Awareness

To have Awareness in its seat is a choice. Awareness IS. You are this essence that gives birth to all manner of consciousness, knowing, questioning, loving, rejecting, creating, destroying, to gestation, transformation, letting go, letting be, simply BE, and to life in all its craziness and sublime qualities. To choose Awareness begins with getting used to the idea that Awareness already IS, already is Aware, and is one’s essence of Being.

We are so used to questioning, doubting, wondering what if or who did. The common human habits of consciousness tend toward abdication of intrinsic Being, giving away the natural profundity of universal wisdom-compassion innate to us all and trading it for temporary and completely fleeting senses of stability or control or gratification or … . Current societies are predicated upon such abdications of innate wisdom; and the world is poised on a knife’s edge as a result.

The Path of Intrinsic Being is one of less desires. Well, there goes capitalism and being codified as a consumer. The Way of Awareness is one of pauses, pregnant and purposeful gaps in thought. Oops, there goes drama down the drain. Wisdom-compassion asks nothing of anyone but one’s self; and what innate Wisdom-Compassion asks of its reflection is to be wise and compassionate. Well what do you know – self-importance and entitlement just dissolved and left plenty of everything for everyone and every being.

At the completion of this session, I say something about the function of practices and that no effort will affect Awareness nor is necessary to Awareness-Wisdom-Compassion. The function of all the practices from all traditions including every one that we have done in our years together is two-fold:

  • If a practice has truth of Being at its core, then that practice will somehow point out, erode, highlight, clarify, tame and train the persona and its myriad ways to cleverly sustain a sense of incompleteness and lack within one’s self. When one thinks about this, one recognizes how ridiculous this game is. But, we’ve been playing it for a long time, societies and cultures, religions and rules are based upon this contrived sense of incompleteness, so those habits of consciousness are not so malleable or open to truth of Being.
  • If a practice has truth Being at its core, then that practice will engender vulnerability which is simultaneously an openness to the insanity around one and of which one might be a part. In other words, loving-kindness is fostered. We begin to look around and see. And we get sad, wondering what “I” can do. At this point, a person becomes an unwilling part of the problem and a willing source of solution through empathy, sympathy, and action through words, deeds, aspirations, motive, caring.

The function of meditation techniques and practices of Path including learning concepts or contemplation on Truth and what is Real or who/what am I/how can I help the world is to bring us back to ourself, to illumine and illustrate that you are vastly more than one tends to consider true. When you are Being, Present, True, you are more powerful than any god or goddess or set of circumstances. The function of all practices of truth is to illumine you to you. Little by little, we begin to see that what I thought was so ain’t necessarily so; and what Essence of Being is, innate Awareness is, Pure and Total Consciousness is is this very person that I call me.


A gift of Perfect Wisdom from Mensarah in Texas. Mother of Darkness

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