Meditations from a day of meditation on loving-kindness

for humanity and the world.

Each of the two podcasts are 3-4 hours of the retreat. There are numerous meditations on each, plus the presentations.The morning’s presentations are brief and simply move the theme of loving-kindness to the next phase of contemplation/meditation/experience (#1). #2 begins with an open-mic discussion time of half an hour, then -in addition to the meditations- there is a presentation on loving-kindness and the chakras.

The agenda of meditations for #1 was:

  • warmth of the heart, warm heartedness
  • warmth expands out, spacious equanimity, light of the heart
  • equanimity, generosity, empathy
  • the loving-kindness of Mother Earth

The agenda of meditations and presentations for #2 was:

  • discussion/questions
  • chakras and loving-kindness
  • maitri/Maitreya and the invocation of loving-kindness
  • closing meditation

#1: Aug. Support 1 ,

#2: Aug. Support 2 ,

Here are the slides of the day. a day of meditation – Aug. 2020

See you for September’s Day of Meditation in Support of Humanity and the World on Sept. 12.

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  1. Dear Donna, How gracious of you to send the audio of our loving-kindness meditation day and to include all the slides. It was wonderful to listen to the sessions last night. Thanks for a beautiful experience. In light and love, Mary

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