“great retreat”, and online meditations resume Tuesday

I had envisioned being able to upload both the audio and video recordings from the retreat onto BlazingLight. But, alas, their file size is large and my paltry internet (satellite) could not complete that process in a timely manner. The aspiration is still to make that happen by going somewhere with better internet.

We resume regular online meditations: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7 am MT/8 am CT/9 am ET.

Some comments:

  • “Thank you for a wonderful retreat. The meditations were beautiful and life changing.”
  • “Thank you for a fantastic three days together. I loved all of it.”
  • “Thank you for the retreat. I had a beautiful Tara meditation, and Saturday was superb!  I vote for more on-line experiences as long as the virus is an issue – even a one day meditation would be welcomed.”

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2 Responses to “great retreat”, and online meditations resume Tuesday

  1. Kathy Crater says:

    I sure appreciate all your effort for those recordings.  The teaching was so expansive and applicable.and rapid, I really feel if I could at least review a couple of them to reinforce and enrich my take away. However, I am fortune that on Mondays I get some more “crazy wisdom”Kathy

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