Meditation: the source of virtue

Virtue is not in the thing being done but in the intention and attitude of the thing being done. A moment’s contemplation on why something is being enacted or being restrained can turn that moment, for example, from getting rid of something unwanted to giving to the best need.

The personal ego is never involved in virtuous activity. Why? Because virtue is not self-focused or self-feeding. How does one undo the trickster of the ego? Through contemplation. A moment’s worth is all it takes. If one can sit for longer and actually muse and be amused by the contortions of personality involved in almost everything, then one will gain insight and have a good chuckle while doing so!

The holidays are full of gift-giving. Pass on that which you don’t need or didn’t want, but do so with contemplation. Then that action will be one of virtue.

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