2. Vibrant Awareness

Training in meditation eventually produces samadhis “fantastic beyond description,” to quote Lama Tsong Khapa. But he knew that such profound results will only mature in the meditator if the reason for meditating is larger than oneself. That which is grand and sublime can only be supported and expressed through self-less-ness.

As such, this self-less-ness is a primary purpose of advancing meditation training. Entry or beginner practices have a different goal: that of confidence with one’s inner self. This includes learning about integrity, stability of character, altruism of motive in life, and generosity in all regards. One grows confident in the wider, kinder, and wiser qualities that one expresses through. We come to prefer this goodness and light as our way of being. Goodness, light, clarity of being are the foundation for advancing practice.

Everyone is welcome to sit for the session and engage its instruction because – at essence – all beings are good, are light and clarity of being. One will get value from the session through simply experiencing the vibrations and energies of the moment, one moment at a time. And, if one can string awareness of this moment to vibrant awareness of the next, to vibrant awareness participating in the next, then one is cultivating self-less-ness and thereby the radiant nature of pure Being.

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