One and Many

An addendum to the post: Grace, dominoes cascading

Like the threads of a tapestry, our lives weave into one another’s. Interactions as casual as the farmer’s market or gas station or those more intimate like neighbors, friends, family and work associates are the weave of connectedness.

Grace was almost 87 when she died. The connectedness of her long life displayed at the memorial service for her. People from the ’60’s came to honor how meaningful she had been to them. Another stood and shared how Grace championed the rights of women in the ’70’s including those of lesbian women long before the gay rights movement had arisen. Professional associates from the ’80’s, ’90’s, and beyond honored this honorable woman.

But one of the reasons why my six months with her were such a gift was due to the wonderful people that I got to know or know better. Though I lived with Grace (cooking, laundry, and daily meaningful conversation), there were others who also participated in her care. And, when it came time for her to come home for hospice, a small band of helpers easily organized. Both Grace and I would need their helpfulness, their conversation, and foot massage. Thank you to all involved. You know who you are! 💖

The holidays elicit gratitude for people in our lives. When I was young, the paperboy got a Christmas tip, the mailman did too. Tins of homemade goodies were proudly delivered to  school teachers and copious numbers of Christmas cards were sent out. (I know because my penmanship was on the envelopes!)

But, as a few of us had fun making photo poster-boards of Grace’s life for the memorial gathering, we all were enthralled by the inter-connectedness of life. One life touches so many, and so many people bless one’s life. Thank you to all who have blessed mine and those who continue to. I pray that your kindness and integrity pass through me to many others.


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