Summer reading before summer ends

The Electric Universe by Wallace Thornhill and David Talbot is, first off, readable and easily understandable for the non-physicists and electrical engineer. This is most important – not only for the interested reader – but for the hypothesis and paradigm shifting electric universe model to gain ground outside of the Electric Universe conventions.

The Electric Universe uses graphics to highlight and repeat the important components of the model. Clearly, to the exponents of electricity being the dynamic, driving, and conditioning force in all levels and manifestations of the universe (local and galactic), such a book has to provide the evidence that the authors see that declare their ideas as correct. And the book does. Similar to the monthly videos on YouTube, the case is easily made for the new and corrected model. At the same time, the book exposes the current gravity-driven model and its mathematical explanations for reality as imperfect, if not incorrect.


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