I take refuge.

And All-ness opens, absorbing me forward, outward, centralized within dispersion.
It, YOU, go forever, absorbing all. There is no me. There is no YOU, just abundant centralized dispersion. Forever and forward. Direction falls apart; yet there is forward into YOU     ALL.         ALL YOU.

I take refuge.
Take refuge.
I take refuge.…. which was entering, where no beginning exists, therefore no time has ever marked. Nothing can be determined except Your Grace; the neutrinos of it, the presence of it, the Suchness Sweet ALL of IT. And THAT is not only all there is, IT IS ALL THERE IS. There is no single raindrop in the ocean.  There is no scent on the wind because the wind is all that has ever been breathed. But this THIS never changes … because IT has no need. Your Grace is the fount of birthless births, the beauty of endless completion. (I take refuge)

… take refuge  …no I remained. No YOU. Just refuge. Just LIFE. ALL contained and perpetually dynamic. Unperturbed and yet a sea of untameness. It opens yet was never closed. There is nothing to close. There IS ONLY Refuge. And no distinction between Refuge and me because there is no distinction. And the meaning, not the words, begins to emanate from within, within these cells, within the perpetually dynamic sea of untameness, within that which nothing can close or open or close, and it was me of which there is none …. take refuge.  And ALL did.

… refuge … emanation became spontaneity. Spontaneity pulsed the laws of birth. Once birthed, wholism, paradigm, schemata, puzzle, tapestry, ONE-ness turned upon Itself to see. To see refuge; not any self. Being IS. Time was on the threshold, and in the emanations of causelessness, birthlessness, openness, beginninglessness, God and Time agreed. Refuge … the fullness of it … the fullness of IT. The FULLNESS.

… U …

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Beautiful witness to emptiness…

  2. Linda says:

    So touching and heartfelt!

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