Dying to be Free

From a consciousness point of view, modern western medicine is doing humanity a great dis-service. The emphasis of the modern paradigm is to keep the body alive regardless of what issue arises. This is done in the name of care, sympathy, and the chance to prolong life. Yet this is a half-baked if not ignorant bias. Long life comes from wellness of spirit, mind, and care of the body through a healthy, spirited and fulfilling life. The levels of illness in a country such as the United States display our lack of the above as well as the favor given to business practices that harm body, spirit, and mind of the population. That aside, the fundamental omission in the western medical model is that the body is an instrument of the consciousness and that illness and death are the only way that the consciousness, informed in a body and lifetime, can release itself, gather the goodness gained, and begin again.

In the last 30 years we have seen methods in modern medicine that are barbaric, invasive, and in denial of consciousness itself. Bodies might live longer, but attachments do too. The personal will to live, to do and to keep on doing is fostered instead of an orientation toward contemplation, reflection, and setting the tone for the next incarnation. Western medicine has traded the final phases of conscious life for years of profit, side effects, and overall malaise.

Certainly, there are few people who live vibrantly under the care of the western medical model (except the profiteers whose karma is mounting as surely as their profits). The acceptance of a human being being a being of consciousness would spark an entirely different model of care, of living, of society, and culture. The recognition of one self as not the body, not the set of emotions or gratifications of the moment, and not the set of fears or beliefs that anyone might have is freeing and enlivening. We are given our life, given the choices that we make, and given the responsibility of understanding that we live our choices.

I am in my 56th year of this incarnation. I watch friends and family members enter the door of a doctor’s office and come out, not with answers that actually have meaning but with words, labels, and prescriptions. Illnesses in our bodies (physical, emotional, and mental) are always a result – never are not. The investigation of what set of causes created that appearing result is not done with invasive surgery or scans. It begins with acceptance: ah, this issue is here, how is it reporting a lack of well-being, what karmic nodule is surfacing for me to be aware of? Or – am I, a soul incarnate, beginning an exit strategy, am I creating the door to leave my incarnation? If so, then meditation and reflection will reveal this. Meditation, reflection, stopping instead of pushing will offer awareness, insight, and acceptance of what is trying to make itself known.

It is heinous to keep a body alive when the soul is trying to leave its form. This is the only way the soul – your SELF- can leave the incarnation that you created. Death, as the great release. It is the only way that you can gather all the wisdom gained, all the light lived and given, and all the ways that your Path of Becoming conscious fullness can be assimilated into the Glory of BEING that you are. All this, in order to be breathed forth again, with new intentions, new possibilities, new loves, new growth.

In not accepting the majesty of BEING that a human being is, the modern medical model imprisons us horribly and calls it compassion. I think not.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Well said, Donna. I, as well, think not, and see the collateral damage — in the form of suffering people — walk into my practice every day. Thank you for this thoughtful post.

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