Videos to inform, amaze and make you wonder

Daily I am amazed. One source of that is videos, especially of an investigatory or revelatory nature. We live in the beginning of amazing times when, because of the web and the difficulty of keeping anything secret, the public can be informed. Information can feed the mind with what is larger than oneself. I, personally, am left with wonder and awe which my intuition then makes larger connections with. I hope you experience something similar.

  1. Star Sounds Made Visible with Cymatics (<3 min.)
  2. Gigantic Lightning Above Electric Earth ( 7 min.)
  3. Solar Max Double Peaked (NASA) (<4 min.)
  4. TED: How a Fly Flies (15 min.)
  5. Forbidden Archeology, Suppressed New Evidence of Early Man (1 hr. 25 min)
  6. Crop Circles Quest for Truth (<2 hr)

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