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Esoteric Astrology Layers 4: Mercury

The Master DK gave a model of levels of consciousness-Being that are also planes of vibration and quality. In that model, Mind is called by the Sanskrit word Manas. Manas is  the root for the words mind, man, and human. … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul: the Yoga Sutras, book 3, sutras 14-18

We have incorporated the book Raja Yoga by the master yogi and teacher, Vivekananda in our study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Alice Bailey’s commentary, Light of the Soul, continues as our base. Adding Vivekananda adds the dimensions of … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul discussion: Book 2, sutras 43-49

Make the Light of Soul podcast one of your mind-expanding, life enhancing choices of each week. Patanjali’s original Yoga Sutras have been commented on continuously for millennia. The range of their application is unending. Patanjali was an enlightened master and … Continue reading

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Physics and Consciousness 9: Dimensions and fractal wholeness

Everything is ONE; and everything (which means everyone) is one within a greater One. That greater One is within a greater ONE, and so forth. The probiotic bacteria in your colon is one level of identity. It is within your … Continue reading

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Doodle Artist: Master DK

Master DK’s writing style is that of doodle articulation. He often begins with a large looping corkscrew: a key thought from which he will loop or line some more. The corkscrews loop over and over, repeating the thought in words … Continue reading

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