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Meditation: the dynamism of wholeness

Layers of vibrant, dynamic movement, of forces and energies, of time collapsing and being born, a human being is this. You are this; I am this. Yet, if each is acknowledged, experienced even briefly in its own right, then a … Continue reading

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Meditation: dynamic layers

Layers of presence vibrate within us. The mind pulses with thoughts, inspirations, creativity, and pulses with the space between them. Emotions dynamically rise and fall, calling attention to their vibrancy. Most often, emotions, feelings, and the richness of sensations are … Continue reading

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Meditation: more than a collection of parts

The central channel within a person is, almost literally, the manifestation of the sacred vibration and intention – OM – that is inaudibly sounded by one’s conscious awareness when one decides to incarnate. The tendencies of lifetimes, the positive as … Continue reading

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Meditation: integrity

Integrity, authenticity, dignity, sanity are words that describe a sense of wholeness and coordination within one’s self. The feeling of dignity has an uprightness to it and the sensation of being together. Mind, emotions, physical body, energy, and one’s spiritual … Continue reading

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They’re popping!

You know that box for indoor gardening that I showed you last week? Well, the leaves for the purple and red potatoes are beginning to pop out of the soil and the snap pea seeds are also sprouting!     … Continue reading

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