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Meditation: awareness, benevolence 3

Make the world a better place today with your thoughts, appreciation, and actions.

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Meditation: awareness is benevolent 2: whole-istic

The scope of Awareness is unfathomable, yet we live awareness every moment of our existence. All mechanisms of incarnated existence are the instruments of awareness; the Awareness that we are. In this very moment, the fullness of your experience is … Continue reading

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Meditation: Awareness is benevolent

Please listen to this podcast and its meditation. Awareness is whole-istic, unitive. Awareness is benevolent.

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Meditation: heart, quietude, abundance

We further the exploration of abundance through the velvety smoothness of quietude. How rich!

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Meditation: prajna and mimicry

A primary principle of Nature and the natural world is abundance. Millions of leaves on a tree, hundreds of pine cones, tens time ten seeds to one plant. There is no lack in Nature. Even in a desert environment, though … Continue reading

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