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Clear Seeing in a World Gone Mad

from: via Clear Seeing in a World Gone Mad Helpful reminder in the current world climate that is externally driven. There is no way out but IN. Practicing the Universal Equality of Awareness               … Continue reading

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Meditation: vistas and discoveries

“Know thyself; for in you is all there is to be know.” Oracle at Delphi? or is it Socrates? “Illumine your way.” Buddha Shakyamuni “Thoroughly train your mind.” Buddha Shakyamuni “(Raja) yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness. Then, … Continue reading

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Garden riches

The joyful responsibility of planting, tending, and harvesting my friend’s/neighbor’s raised beds was handed largely to me in the Spring. It was soooooo good to get back to the earth and the devic life of gardens and flower beds. Growing … Continue reading

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Meditation: innate, simple, universal

The quieter one gets mentally and emotionally, the simpler one becomes. This simpleness is, however, more wise and empathetic than the louder types of mental or emotional expression. The more settled one gets, the more pervasive one’s energies become. These … Continue reading

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Meditation: back to buddhi

The Master DK informs us that the buddhic plane is like the womb from which human consciousness and human types of awareness derive. Due to this, experiences of awareness and consciousness have buddhic attributes or qualities. Recognize and abide in … Continue reading

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