Book: Astrology Illumined

Astrology Illumined bookPurchase: Astrology Illumined book ($15.95) with shipping in USA ($3.99)

Co-written with Sara Traub, Astrology Illumined, Revealing Soul through Astrology is an original treatment of astrology. It bridges traditional and esoteric astrology, uses visual images to anchor the quality of the planets and signs in the reader’s mind, while offering a number of tabulations that succinctly highlight the key ideas of each factor in astrology.

Esoteric astrology builds upon the ancient foundation of traditional astrology. In Astrology Illumined the meanings and qualities of the planets and signs are given an esoteric turn revealing their refined qualities and their related higher realms of consciousness. Astrology Illumined, then, provides easy access to the full range of possible interpretations of a planet or sign in the chart and points to the spiritual and conscious levels of these qualities in one’s life.

Astrology Illumined is for:

  • the beginner to astrology: giving all the tools needed to enter the fullness of both traditional and esoteric astrology;
  • the practicing astrologer who wants to expand his or her work into esoteric astrology;
  • the spiritually minded person. Often the more conscious person’s chart cannot be read strictly from the traditional point of view and must include an esoteric interpretation. Astrology Illumined gives this level of meaning.

* Please contact me for shipping costs outside of USA.

Raves and Reviews for Astrology Illumined, Revealing Soul Through Astrology

“I think what you’ve captured is the heart of astrology.
It’s a MUST READ.”   Janet Eisenberg

“I have truly enjoyed reading your book. The planets and signs are brought ‘close to home’ and spoken of in a way that clearly resonates within the intuition.”        Mariefrance Cote

From The Esoteric Quarterly, Fall 2007 volume

“… fresh language and new keys …
1. A discussion of the elements—fire, earth, water, air—focused my mind on the importance of these distinctions, unlike previous books that seemed to relegate these as a sort of after-thought of minor significance.

2. The planet Earth is given equal rights in her own chapter.  And Vulcan, an esoteric, unseen planet, describing the influence on our inner spiritual development.

3. A separate discussion of the cardinal, fixed and mutable qualities is given much notice and even shows an insight into crosses as a Pythagorean geometric relationship.

… the authors inject a summary, called “A Glance Back,” after the first six signs. Attention is called to the way in which each succeeding sign contrasts with the previous one, e.g. ‘Aries is about rapid movement. Taurus is about slow, predictable, steady progress.’ A second “Glance Back” occurs after the last six signs. The insertion of these special sections helps solidify the rest of the information. … there are several appendices for quick reference. I trust that many readers will also enjoy this illuminating book.”

15 Responses to Book: Astrology Illumined

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  5. bertwells says:

    Hello Donna, I am delighted to report that I received my copy of yours and Sarah Traub’s book, ‘Astrology Illumined’. It is a super book, very informative, to the point and a font of learning for both advanced students and beginners alike. Thank you both for publishing such a gem. Bert R. Wells.


  6. Thank you, Bert, for your kind words. I hope Astrology Illumined supports your use of Esoteric Astrology. peace ~


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  9. Zak says:

    Publish it on amazon, you’ll sell alot more. Most people don’t want to haul around physical plane books anymore.


  10. is this western astrology book or vedic astrology??


  11. betty covos says:

    Votre cours d astrologie est il en Français ? Votre livre à t il été traduit en Français ?
    Merci pour vos réponses
    Bien à vous


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