Sept. Day of Meditation for Humanity and the World: Compassion

Thank you to all who were present, part of the day, the whole day, and those who held the day meditatively offline.

Much love and gratitude.

Morning session is part a. Afternoon session is part b.

Sept day of meditation, compassion b


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1 Response to Sept. Day of Meditation for Humanity and the World: Compassion

  1. Thank you so much for the powerful meditation day last Saturday, Donna. I was so pleased to participate in the morning session but had to leave shortly after the outdoor meditation. I had several wonderful awarenesses and have been mantra-ing “May all beings everywhere open their hearts and hold each other within the One Open Heart.” The image of your beautiful slide of the lotus flower cradling the earth comes to mind. Also, when you showed the slide of Sameness, you gave the example of ‘All beings are joyous’…..your pure delight, laughter and clarity were so contagious. It made my body vibrate! On Sunday morning, I listened to the rest of your meditation and learned for the first time about Root Races. Again, thank you for your presence. Much love, Mary

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