Meditation: forward in being

We cannot go back because that is to back to violence as an accepted feature of human existence and human behavior. Back is to sustain the unsustainable ways in which each of us lives or supports as methodology with the world (knowingly or unknowingly). Back is prejudice, bigotry, sexism and treating children, women, and people of color or various religions or countries of origin as less, as punishable for simply being, as dismissed from what you and I enjoy every day.

We cannot go back to polluting the air so much that we cannot breathe or see the sky or see the stars. We cannot go back to being the cause of animal extinctions or of eating so much animal protein that habitats and animals suffer.

We cannot return to head-in-the-sand denial predicated upon what anyone person or nation or cultural tradition desires, or has done for a long time, or wants to do. That is the path of Death, continued destruction, and the bequeathing of a future with no future to generations already born and those yet to come (which includes our reincarnations).

We can go forward. Sudan is going forward. It has outlawed female genital mutilation. New Zealand is going forward into green, renewed, and renewable. In order to go forward, ideas and desires must be changed, some let go, some embraced, and others newly, intuitively arise from our the heart of our mind.

Let’s go forward in being.

forward in being 040220

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