Meditation: simple, nothing exotic

Awareness is simple. Nothing special, nothing exotic. It is free, thus cannot be purchased; it is already within you, there is nothing to download And, though gurus, instructors, meditation teachers, and spiritual mentors can point out what they experience and how they came to do so which become instructions for you, you alone will discover Awareness as it is for you.

Yes, spend money if you have it on a meditation retreat. Yes, hang out and discuss Awareness. But, only in the mindfulness of the moments of the day in any inner or outer experience will you or I stumble upon or delight in or be shocked by or uplifted by Awareness as it is. In that moment, its simplicity will dawn; due to an emotion, awareness can arise. In the thoughts about this or that and realizing the merry-go-round that the personal mind is on, awareness will be the Ah, subsequent smile, and tranquility. It’s all very simple and direct.

* You can always join us for the live meditation. We gather on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 am ET, which is 8 am CT and 7 am MT. The link to do so is at the top of this page on the masthead (Meditation).

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