Meditation: peace on Earth through goodwill

2020 is around the corner: the second decade of this new millennium. Holy Moly!

Time is an illusory thing. If one doubts that then simply ponder human beings’ relationship to it and how that has changed over great spans of “time.” Before wind-up clocks in 1700’s, there were sundials and yardsticks casting shadows. We marked passing   sections of the day, the seasons, and the journey of the planets and stars, constellations and meaning from sundown to sunrise. A journey was leagues long and measured by fortnights.

When I was a kid, and even until my kids were kids, one learned to tell time on a round-faced clock. Alarm clocks shook when they ran, and when I was young measuring time by seconds was only for the Olympian sprinters or swimmers. No one was late for anything unless the car had a flat (which you changed yourself including the jacking up of the car). We walked to school no matter how cold it was, and anything less than 12 inches of snow was baby food; we walked to school anyways.

We had time for two recesses everyday in school, rain or shine. We had time for conversations, imagining all kinds of things, playing pick up basketball in someone’s yard or hide and seek. My kids did too. This all sounds idyllic and like such a long time ago, but my children are only in their mid-thirties! So much has changed so quickly. I wish everyone in the world could have a simpler life and could imagine how to make that happen, then do so.

One part of the solution to stress and speed and must-do is goodwill to one’s self. Kindness, patience, respect, and humor are excellent antidotes to the unreal and illusory way that some cultures function and expectations on people and children. If a mom and dad chose self-kindness, patience, self-respect, sprinkled with a little humor then the silliness of the running, the huffing and puffing, the stress and what one is stressing about would be put into perspective and our children would benefit greatly.

Imagine peace on Earth brought about by human beings living from the goodwill of the heart and the heart of the mind.

It can be so. Together, let’s begin this new decade with kindness, patience, respect, and humor for ourselves and for everyone. “Let peace begin with me.

Happy New Year, everyone!

peace on Earth through goodwill 123019




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