The Thomas Jefferson Hour on due process, the Constitution, and impeachment


The founding fathers of the United States of America deliberated on how to create a type of governance that included checks and balances to a variety of civic problems including foreign meddling in the election process and an executive branch overstepping its constitutional power, as examples.

By happen-chance, I received a riveting education in the car today as I listened – for the first time – to The Thomas Jefferson Hour. The subject at hand was: exactly what is impeachment, how is impeachment devised within the Constitution of the USA, and what is an impeachable offense?

Clay Jenkins is familiar to those who watch PBS documentaries on American History. He is frequently one of the people interviewed. Jenkins embodies Jefferson’s intellect, verbiage, and integrity fully during the radio show. That was riveting unto itself; but add the erudition of the historical references to the Framers, letters of John Adams, Madison, and Jefferson on subjects such as the concern of foreign fingers in the US political process or, having just waged a revolution to free a birthing nation from a monarch’s rule, the Founding Father’s insistence that a watchful eye always be upon the executive branch, and you have a very important, worthwhile, and educational hour of citizen-civic framing of the current situation in Washington, DC.

If you are a citizen of this country, no matter your political leanings, listen to this podcast. Learn, as did I, of the history of the checks and balance system in the US, learn why the Framers put in place those checks and balances, and learn what impeachment is and what it is not.

2019 by The Thomas Jefferson Hour

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