Meditation: the field

Slowly, slowly, one’s practice reveals all manner of truths and realities. Sitting, just sitting, reveals for some all the mental, emotional, and ego-centered activity going on inside. Sitting can also reveal that peace and simplicity are already present within.

Sitting, simply being present but non-involved in the mental, emotional, ego-centered inner activity slowly starves it due to not being constantly recharged, re-emoted, re-dramatized, re-stated, or re-instated. The choice to sit and simply be present begins to undo the ricochet effects of self involvement inside oneself. Simplicity and respectfulness of presence starts to establish. Respect for self begins to take hold, respect for others too.

Sitting, now somewhat aware of the dichotomy of fabricated, distracted self and peaceful, at-ease presence, one gravitates toward ease and harmony. Gossip, drama, self-induced stress, striving, and all manner of ego-first habits of consciousness no longer are fun, and distractions are … just that. They also begin to be less chosen. That which fosters presence, harmony of mind and emotions is becoming preferred. Awareness of one’s self is growing.

During the sit one now notices the usually not noticed vibrations or inner sounds (eg. high pitched white noise or low rumbling). One begins to experience the vibrational nature of one’s physical body or of one’s auric fields, of space between thoughts, or that thoughts arise out of spacious nothing and subside back into the same. These or myriad other noticings, discoveries, and awarenesses begin to be part of every sitting and to be integrated into one’s life.

Ah, now the field of awareness and Awareness are being lived. The discoveries and insights are vipashyana (to give them a word) and the ground for all of them is shamatha.

the field 102219

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