Meditation: Sit

Imagine if every person in the world sat for a few minutes. Not necessarily for meditation, but just to sit and do nothing else. For those moments no negative or harmful action would be done, unless the moment was one of negligence. But, let’s imagine that it’s not; that all babies are attended and that the “sit” is when the baby is asleep and that the sickly or elders are also properly loved and attended and that the “sit” is when they, too, are sitting or sleeping. Maybe, if leaders of the world did this, they would notice the living beings of this Earth and feel empathetic and respectful for them. Maybe new insights or inventions or moments of remorse or of love or joy would well up in people just because the moment was given a chance.

We invite the world to sit for a minute or more. Just sit.

sit 101519


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4 Responses to Meditation: Sit

  1. vicduncan says:

    Hi Donna, love your posts but taking a break. We are leaving tomorrow for oklahoma, Costa Rica, texas and camping in southern new mexico. I expect to be offline quite a bit for next 6-7 weeks. Joy, joy. Much love, Vicki



  2. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.


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