Meditation: discoveries 2

Imagine yourself being the first caucasian person to go up the Amazon, or cross the Mississippi, or enter the bush of Africa, or set foot on Borneo. You would “discover” what was there. It would be new to you but not to the native people or the animals and plants, the river devas or the mountain spirits.

Our inner discoveries are like that. They were already present and are already present.

I had an interesting experience recently. The roads around here are long and fairly non-trafficked. A car about 1/4 mile ahead became a point of one-pointed focus; not the periphery, the scenery, the speedometer, nothing but the space between the back fender of that car and the long road. Pretty quickly the periphery came more into view, wider and sharp but – at the same time – as no thing. I saw everything but paid attention to no  thing, not even the car 1/4 mile ahead. The experience was that of my senses as functional – fully so – but “me” was nonexistent, thus no distraction and no inner commentary nor concern. When action was required, such as coming into a small town and slowing down, it happened as if the car was driverless, which it kinda was.

This was maintained for 10 minutes or so. Then, in dropping the one-pointedness, the comical “me” mind was back. The discrepancy between the two was laughable and not preferred. I engaged one-pointedness again until approaching the destination.

* Be mindful if you are going to try this. My guess is that one needs to have the capacity to meditatively focus one’s attention as well as have safe driving conditions. None of us needs to produce more karma from foolishness!

The discovery was that expanded function of the senses was immediate and sustained by not having the “me” forefront. I was more aware of my surroundings not less through this concentration and disinterestedness. At the same time, the neutrality felt like an emanatory field pervading the surroundings and the people off in the distance.

I have recited mantra for hours on long drives and/or recited the Heart Sutra repeatedly; and a certain zone is established that is its own type of meditative field and bubble or “pure land.” But, this was different – maybe because it was the first time.

Nothing arose as distinct, nothing got labeled yet every thing was crisp and clear and included within simple being. Lines from the Prajnaparamita came forward occasionally such as “no cessation and no Path; no increase no decrease.” Nothing arose as being particular/individuated therefore no emotion or thought process required a process such as cessation. No habit of consciousness arose thus, again, no ceasing of it was needed nor insight into it. No Path because all was now, present, non-distracted, and had a smathering of non-two. The experience was of a unified field – inner and outer with no “me” to say this or that. No words arose such as road, velocity, truck, etc. thus no thoughts increased. But, since no thoughts arose/increased no thing decreased. The experience was smooth like a sustained shamatha.

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