Meditation: vistas and discoveries

  • “Know thyself; for in you is all there is to be know.” Oracle at Delphi? or is it Socrates?
  • “Illumine your way.” Buddha Shakyamuni
  • “Thoroughly train your mind.” Buddha Shakyamuni
  • “(Raja) yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness. Then, pure awareness can abide in its very nature. Otherwise, awareness takes itself to be the patterns of consciousness. Patanjali: Sutras I:2-4

Humanity has been given excellent and expert instructions in opening one’s Awareness over the millennia. Everyone who has used these instructions has discovered great vistas of Knowing, Understanding, and Perceptions of greater Reality. Those who deepened into these discoveries went through the proverbial wormhole/blackhole of perception itself and came out – came out of the dualistic machinations of an ever-hungry ego-mind into no-thing, thus nothing particular to perceive. Being and non-being collapsed for them into a state for which words have no basis. But, their discoveries, their cosmic inner journey began as does ours with the simplicity of the breath and the relentless in and out of breathing.

Everything comes and goes. Part of illumining our way is to fully take stock of this fact. Patterns of consciousness are most often those of holding on, clinging, attempting to stabilize or concretize, and various forms of attachment. We plan for tomorrow while not fully living the current moment. The point is not about planning – even though tomorrow may not come or may not suit the plans devised – the point is the now. Now has no pattern, now is not even time. Now is a state of awareness abiding in its own nature.

This is the discovery in each meditation session and in each moment of life. The vistas are untold and unfathomable should we choose to undo the habits of consciousness. The challenge that most people bump up against is the fear of change and the concern of  longer being able to navigate common reality and family and responsibilities. I guess we’ll have to discover is that is so or not, one moment at a time.

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