Meditation: indivisible

Our meditations have been in support of humanity this week. Truth is, all meditation supports humanity and life on Earth. But, with the UN report on climate disruption, world leaders making speeches, and youth around the world standing for the future of life itself, our focus was put on the oneness of life and our shared existence.

As someone sits in tranquility and clarity, that presence goes into the collective of human existence because we are energetically and factually indivisible. Peace and spaciousness, luminosity and dynamic presence also do plus they exude naturally into the world.

The plant kingdom produces scents. The animal kingdom produces all manner of sounds. I believe that human beings produce light in many forms. We express the electro-magnetic spectrum in ways specific to being human. Meditation is one way that human light pours into the world. A life transformed by meditation and its light is another way.

indivisible 092819

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