Meditation: one with all

Thank you for bringing heart-mind into the world in all the ways that you do and can. Thank you for supporting the children and youth of the world to have a life. Thank you for living with Mother Earth, in support of her creativity and life-giving abundance. Thank you for meditating.

The Observer, the Watcher, the Knower: these terms are familiar to us. Children are learning them, too, now in school. These are objectifications of Awareness itself; as are the senses and the experience of sensations (subtle or dense, subjective or objective), and as is intuition in its full range. Inspiration, inventiveness, and creativity are also manifestations of fundamental Awareness. So, you see, Awareness and Experience, Awareness and one’s existence are inseparable. We cannot divide our awareness from our sensations or our need to know as a human being. What we can do is learn the fullness of how Awareness and Existence are indivisible and then live wisely and compassionately from that state of inter-being.

I want to commend everyone who is sticking with these trainings in meditation. What we are learning and practicing is important to truth of being, truth of Reality, and to truly advancing one’s meditation practice; not because I say so but because hundreds of realized beings have done exactly as we are doing.

one with all 092119

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