Meditation: 2 podcasts

C0-existence is the first one. It’s from Tuesday. A sitting practice provides a contrived situation; one fabricated by the practitioner to support and bring about certain results. Those results will all be about awareness:

  • awareness of one’s breath
  • awareness of emotion, or thoughts in the mind, or of the rotary and repetitive character of common-mind process
  • awareness of being present to any of the above, which means brings forward present to Presence
  • awareness of the attributes of Awareness
  • awareness of the attributes of tranquility
  • and so forth.

All of these build upon themselves and lead from noticing something superficial to recognizing the deeper or pervasive display of the same in life. The latter is when things get interesting and when one knows that meditation is transforming how one’s mind-emotion complex is functioning.

The features of inner and outer experiences are co-existent. The features that are recognized within also express without, or all around. This is rather like the branching shape of a tree which is the same as a river and its feeder tributaries or of veins and arteries or nerves and so forth. Hanging out with clarity reveals its sharpness, its unmistaken quality, for example. Well, a sharp pain is pretty unmistakable too! Both demonstrate clarity but very differently. It is this scope of realization and recognition that can result from meditation practice and consistently illumine the co-existent nature of Awareness and Existence.

co-existent 091719

Second is Just Sitting. In addition to that being the essence of all meditation practice, it also is a gift to body, energy, mind, and the world. While one is sitting

  • the body relaxes,
  • energy is beneficially generated which renews physical, emotional, and mental systems,
  • the mind learns to attend to nothing but itself, then learns to let go of that and simply rest in its own nature,
  • plus you and I are creating no negative karma while sitting in meditation. We are creating the habit of meditative practice and positive energy is going into the world.

While sitting, Awareness and the field of awareness are recognized as inseparable – thus co-existent.

just sitting 091919

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